About us

Apple Juice is a brand of high quality accessories for babies and children from birth to 10 years of age. Located in beautiful and diverse Bolivia, it works the 100% “handmade” or “handmade” concept. Their unique and exclusive designs are reflected in fabrics and textiles, giving an original touch to all products and meeting the expectations of the public, their personality and each season fashion.




Communicator and graphic designer by profession, but at the same time, the creator and soul of Apple Juice. From a small but very beautiful city in Spain, Girona, is a beach and mountain fan both in summer and winter. She loves the endless days of summer, riding a bicycle (especially with her pink one), skiing, playing the piano, travelling and meeting other cultures and customs, jumping on the trampoline with their nephews in the park, eating delicious meals prepared for her aunt Mari … Also, it is clear, she loves drawing and designing cute things for the little ones.



Lidia is from La Paz and is the main Apple Juice seamstress. She loves sewing and is very hardworking. She enjoys sewing the unique designs of Apple Juice because she had never seen anything like it in Bolivia. Se has 4 children of different ages. When she can, she likes to get away and get to know new places in her country.








Rocío lives in El Alto and especially sews backpacks. Although it combines it with another job, she never fails to deliver on time all that she is requested. She only has a daughter that already is in a local university. She learned sewing as a little girl with her mother and she became it her profession and passion.







Juan is from El Alto and has more than 20 years of experience in sewing. He has developed his career mainly in Argentina and Brazil. There, he acquired all the necessary knowledge to have a perfect finish that Apple Juice requires for all their garments.